Four Things To Know About Taking Fish Oil Supplements!

Jan 10, 2013 | Food-Shui



Fish oil.  I had no idea that the potential benefits were so damn compelling until I saw it before my own eyes.

It all started with my puppy.  He has super-bad allergies, dry skin and shed like a madman.  Touch him and you turn into fur.  So, after a little investigation I decided that some salmon oil on his food would be superior to my vet’s answer of antihistamines & steroids.  After a month of fish oil, not only did his skin clear, the shedding stopped, the sneezing stopped and he even got happier and spunkier. If this was so awesome for Bob, what could some fish oil do for me???

Some stuff you should know about fish oil supplements before you grab the first bottle you see—

1. Reported benefits of taking fish oil include (and are not limited to) lowered triglycerides, improved skin & hair including treatment for acne, psoriasis and other issues, increased sunny moods, greater  focus for the unfocused (some say it can replace Ritalin for kids, and I hope this is true!), it is anti-inflammatory and it has been used to help with autoimmune inflammation responses.  (THIS awesome article will break down the chemical components of fish oil and even help you pick ’em better!)

2. Not all fish oil is the same.  Don’t rush and grab the first bottle you see marked “fish oil” because you don’t know what parts of the fish—or what quality of fish- are in that bottle.  Do some research.  You want a quality product that is not rancid or irresponsibly farmed.  I take Carlson Cod Liver Oil.  Though this choice is controversial to some, I love it and I can totally tell the difference in my whole body.

3. Controversy:  Rather recently, reports have been written about “studies” that show, suddenly, that fish oil may not be beneficial at all.  Given the fact that a very respected publication just wrote an article debunking health myths and promoting pesticides and genetically modified food, I am not moved by this “research.”  My thought is, if something does not hurt your body and can create even ONE of the multiple effects I have witnessed then I’m good with it.  Of course, I encourage you to do your own research before making decisions.  After all, due to its high Vitamin A content, some say Cod Liver Oil is dangerous, and others are vehemently opposed to that view.  I take it, as aforementioned. Happily. 

4. Look at your diet as a whole before you decide to supplement.  If you are vegan, you can get the Omega oils from many other sources (flax seed, hemp, chia)  besides fish, but for the fish eating population, you can also eat more fatty fish farmed in clean waters in a responsible manner before opting to take a pill.  We don’t all have the same options available to us.  I’d take food over a pill any day!   


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  1. Erin

    What type of fish oil do you give your puppy? I’m hoping this will help with my dog’s shedding!

    • danaclaudat

      Salmon oil. It comes in a pump. I get it at a pet store. Just pure salmon oil, from a responsible source. I know people who give their dogs olive oil and Udo’s oil too, but salmon oil does the trick in my house!



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