Bath Therapy : Three Naturally Revitalizing Baths!

Jan 11, 2013 | The Beautiful



Always in the hunt for new ways to feel awesome,  I have experimented with baths for quite some time.  Ive already shared a handful of detox baths, and, perhaps moved  by a desire to avoid catching colds, I’ve collected a round-up of nourishing & healing baths for today’s post on bath therapy!   



Do baths actually work to “feed” your body & detoxify? I feel great afterward, much more so than after the average bath, so I will say, emphatically, YES, though there is no strict scientific evidence for most of these.  I will also add that some people are more sensitive than others to these baths, so I suggest trying a foot soak first before launching into a full-scale bath in any of these goodies…and do not do any of these things without advising your doctor first if you have something serious to detox!


Seaweed Baths: One of my first jobs out of college was writing beauty PR for a well known seaweed-based beauty product line, and my press releases were magical and dynamic.  I became obsessed with the benefits of seaweeds!  Seaweed, filled with minerals and nutrients, is thought to increase your circulation and decrease the appearance (or maybe the presence) of cellulite.

You can take a seaweed bath any time if you live by a clean shore.  Since most of us don’t forage for fresh seaweed daily, lets say you can order some flakes or powdered seaweed at Mountain Rose Herbs  (they also sell great aromatherapy oils) or at your favorite seaweed purveyor.

To make a seaweed bath: take a cup of powdered seaweed and a cup of sea salt (dead sea salts are the best) and soak away in a warm tub for 20-30 mins. My beauty PR days prompt me to remind you to slough your skin well with a loofah while in the bath, and to rinse off in a shower of warm water afterward.

If you use “flaked” seaweed: wrap a cup of the flakes into a bundle with cheesecloth and tie it securely so your tub (and body) isn’t plastered with seaweed flakes!


(Dr.Singha makes the most popular Mustard Bath on the market!)

Mustard Baths:  Mustard baths are thought to warm you up, help fight colds and alleviate muscle pain.  Some people break a sweat.  Some find relief from inflammatory pain. 

Above is the gold-standard in commercially available mustard baths from Dr. Singha.  If you want to make your own, here’s a delightful recipe I found not unlike the Singa recipe:

Warming Mustard Bath (from Small Measures With Ashley)
Yields enough for 4 baths


  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1/4 cup mustard powder
  • 6 drops wintergreen essential oil
  • 6 drops rosemary essential oil
  • 6 drops eucalyptus essential oil


1. Using a whisk, combine all ingredients together in a lidded container.

2. When ready to use, add around 4 tablespoons of powder to a running bath. Swish the water around with your hands to disperse it. Soak for as long as you are comfortable, topping off with warmer water as needed.

For use as a foot bath, add 1 to 2 tablespoons to a foot-sized container filled with warm water. Soak for as long as you are comfortable, striving for a minimum of 15 minutes.


Clay Baths:  Did you know that people eat special clay to draw impurities out of their bodies? Its true!  While I am not going to expound upon clay eating, the same principle seems to apply to these The magic of the clay bath is that they are thought to be “magnetic” when it comes to drawing impurities out of your body. 

You can soak your feet (a powerful treatment) or your whole body in a specially prepared clay bath solution, and they even formulate different clays for different body issues.  HERE you can find an array of clay products along with full, detailed instructions. 

Whatever you decide to do, go slow.  These baths can have powerful effects on your body.  They are not meant for every day, or even every week- they are a periodic treatment!  

Do you have a favorite detox or rejuvenation bath?  I’m so open to adding to the list!

The think about nourishing baths that assist your body with detoxification is that you create space for new, vital energy and clear away stagnation that makes you look and feel stuck and yuck.

And that’s the whole point of feng shui… to get un-stuck and start flowing!!!



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xoxo Dana


  1. Marcy

    Makes me want to take a bath right now. I love healing baths! I haven’t tried seaweed yet, but I will have to try it. I love putting sea salt, baking soda, magnesium and essential oils.

    • danaclaudat

      oh i’ve never done straight magnesium… its in epsom salt but this is interesting!!!!

  2. Ken

    I do often take a sea salt bath, it make you aura more shining. People can feel and she
    it. Leth your light shine take a bath with sea salt and than finisch with drops essential oil, rosemary is fine or lavender. Rise and shine! Nice topic Dana!



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