Fast Feng Shui : No Shoes At Home!

Jan 14, 2013 | Feng Shui 101


(me, shoeless, at Myohorenge temple in Taisekiji, Japan)

In Japan I never have my shoes on inside a building (except in Toyko, or at stores) and I understand that its a cultural form of respect for the home.  A few other interesting facts are that shoes do damage wood floors, they will drive your downstairs neighbors mad if you live in an apartment building, shoes carry persticides, animal feces and other trash & toxins into your home & onto your floors…

Why is this feng shui to implement no matter where you live? I have noticed that when people ask me to take my shoes off and offer slippers or have carpeted floors I feel like I am walking into a more “loved” space.  Many of my clients who implement this rule (make it easy for people— offer them even flip flops as an alternative or something of the like!) find that their home feels more “special”.

Shoes off at home: a culturally-focused rule with many pragmatic implications!  You might want to give it a go….!


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  1. Marcy

    Yes, we never really made this rule for our home, but it seems to be what everyone does. I do like the feeling of peace and rest it creates. It also feels clean.

  2. mark

    We have a shoes off rule and change into slippers when we get in. I even take off my shoes when i get to my office. I have a pair of comfy shoes to wear when i see clients.


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