Christmas Tree Lights, Off Season!

Jan 18, 2013 | Home Style



Well, I’m betting you have a strand of ten or twinkle lights hanging around after the holiday.  I have struggled in the past to accept twinkle lights as anything but a strictly-holiday affair because the ways I have seen them used in homes (mainly in bedrooms) are not my style.  If strung up haphazardly, these twinkling lights can seem like wire clutter, causing headaches, lack of focus and exacerbating confusion.  However, when beautifully done, twinkle lights are super-duper-artistic feng shui fire! 



You can string them around tree trunks like illuminated ribbon, or carefully string them around your interior branches that might otherwise look parched.  Be careful when doing this that you are not leaving them on unattended, and use short strings so as to not overwhelm the branches with wire.



I adore this very chic typographic art idea of creating a sign with lights and thumbtacks along a pin-board.


(Apartment Therapy)

And man, this DIY is absolutely genius from Apartment therapy.  Make your own glowing canvas.   Instructions HERE.



Last but not least, a giant floor mirror dripping with lights is gorgeous. Three notes: make sure the mirror is hype stable and secured in some way to the wall & 2. do not do this at all (or use a giant stand up floor mirror, for that matter)  you have kids, animals or the mirror will be placed in a high traffic area.

Of course, your patio is always an option year round. Balcony too.  Just think safe, smart & deliberate when adding  illuminated energy to your world!


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  1. Theodora

    Exactly the post I was looking for! Not sure what I’m gonna do with my christmas lights yet, but I loved the suggestions!


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