Vertical Gardens For Everyone!!!

Jan 21, 2013 | Home Style


 (Patrick Blanc)

 I have been enchanted with vertical gardens for a very long time, with wall garden building master Patrick Blanc at the forefront of the landscape architectural feat.

But… how to get a vertical garden at home?

While I thought it was a fantasy to have my own vertical garden, after watching old episodes of Shark Tank, the solution was presented to me: Urbio! You gotta see this…!



This insanely well-designed system called Urbio works with the use of extremely strong yet easy to maneuver magnetic “potholders” that stick to tiles that you assemble on a wall.  Because these pots don’t have drainage holes, they explain exactly how to fill the pots in layers with different porosity of soil and how to water infrequently to prevent plant destruction from over-watering.

Someone asked how I felt about adding magnets to a home… and in this case it bothers me very little because you are adding plants to the wall in front of the magnets.  Plants have a way of absorbing funky energy and making things much more electromagnetically sound.   While Urbio suggests you can use it for a multitude of purposes (office supply organization, cleaning supplies, toiletries) I am going to stick to the lovely and dynamic garden presentation!


The moment I move I am loading up a giant Urbio wall!  You can customize the sizes of your “wall unit pots” to design your own garden.  You can use just a few or a full wall of tiles.  They are not crazy expensive (the “Big Happy Family” is $175 USD) and they are beyond stunning for any size home. Love, love, love them!

What about some succulents?

etsy vertical garden initials

THESE pre-planted succulent “initials” have captured my heart!  I’m thinking of a giant YES over my sofa for the Fall.  You can customize the color of the planters and get them pre-planted or without succulents if you dare to plant them yourself!

This is the kind of living with nature that is so artful and even space-efficient that you can now have plants- literally- everywhere!

xoxo Dana



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  1. S

    I love this idea. Tried looking for a vertical wall that was reasonably priced last year and couldn’t find any. Thanks for the share 🙂

    • danaclaudat

      when/if you do it, please send pix!!!


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