Could “You” Be What You Are Lacking?!

Jan 22, 2013 | Prosperity



Self-reflection. Self-awareness.  Self-examination.  All words that we think of more as a part of self help & therapy than words that translate into commerce & industry.  After all, aren’t the rules of “business” far different from the “rules of happiness”?   After reading an awesome opinion piece in the New York Times this weekend entitled Secret Ingredient For Success  I had to share it with you!

What would happen if you really took a look at what was holding you back in business, in life or in art by not just examining your work…or hard hard you work… but also examining YOURSELF.  Are you bringing enough of your personality to the table? Is your art pushing your own internal limits? Are you fearful of success, drained by all that you give without compensation, or poorly valuing your own contributions?  Take a look at YOU. 

Self-reflection. Self-awareness.  Self-examination. There you might just find the key to what is missing in your art & your work!


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