Why Is There So Much Chaos When I’m Making Changes?!

Jan 23, 2013 | Prosperity


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I hear this often.  I’ve lived it often. You decided to make a big change in life, and you start.  You clean up your home, clean up your act in life, attack long-unfinished projects and start things that you’ve always wanted to do.  This should be an instant dose of joy and freedom, right?  Well, not for you.  Suddenly, life seems to be unravelling at the seams.  You are exhausted, you feel like you created a giant mess, you are wondering why you even messed with your life in the first place…!

What is happening? Well, you might just be hitting a crazy patch in your life… But, often this “disheveled” state of affairs is the storm before the calm.  To make a big change, you sometimes must confront the actual disorder that was boiling behind the scenes that reaches a bit beyond a messy closet or a disaster area of storage.  This is actually the magic behind reorganization!  This is the fabulous secret to real flowing lives- rooting out bad habits, collected bad memories and a few mistakes or omissions that have piled up quietly and now are threatening to blow up in your face.  Fix them! And keep going forward with your plans.

All sorts of emotions come with change, which is why I tell my clients to go step-by-step and yet, be consistent despite whatever is happening.  Organization and revitalizing your life is a perfectly innocuous goal, and you will get there!  When chaos hits, you’ve got to keep moving forward!

I don’t sweat chaos any more when I know that I am in the process of expansion in some way, and I’m working through it.  Don’t sweat it.  Keep going! It will be well worth it when you hit the calm that is better than you’ve ever known!  


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