Flower Essence Power: Centaury & Personal Boundaries!

Jan 24, 2013 | Sensory Goodness

Centaurium erythraea


Flower essences are powerful, especially in the hands of an expert like Alexis Smart who sources essences from England and expertly combines them to achieve maximum success.  She just mixed me a new bottle this weekend and my dreams are lighting up, my days are lightening up and things are feeling fresh and new.  Today Alexis is going to introduce the flower essence Centaury, and you can see if a Centaury flower formula might just help you make your own life light and bright!

From Alexis: ” Centaury Bach Flower Essence is for kind, gentle people who feel it’s their purpose in life tocentaury serve others. They have trouble saying “no,” so their good nature may be taken advantage of by stronger personalities. The weakness of their will may eventually show up in the body, with tiredness and a fear of being drained by others. There is a danger of the Centaury person being so eager to help others that they neglect their own mission in life.  It is very useful in relationships where there is a tendency to lose oneself in the other or sacrifice ones needs.

Centaury strengthens the will, helps you say “no” when it’s appropriate and encourages the self-determination you need to fulfill your own mission in life.
Centaury can be found in my formulas:
In Love: Attracts healthy relationships and deepens existing ones
Magic Shield for Kids:  For fear, shyness, separation anxiety and nightmares
(image: Centaurium erythraea by Didier.bierCreative commons)


Alexis Smart Alexis Smart is a Bach flower remedy practitioner who lives in Los Angeles. Seeing her clients heal from emotional issues they thought were impossible to overcome inspired her to create a line of formulas to address the most common issues people face in our modern world. They treat everything from heartbreak to writer’s block. More recently, she introduced a line for children.

Alexis Smart is available for personal consultations/custom flower remedy blends. You can contact her as well as find her products here & can you find Alexis Smart Flower Remedies on Facebook here.


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