Wall Colors & The Feng Shui Elements!

Jan 24, 2013 | Home Style

red via elle decor


There’s nothing quite as simple and custom as a fabulous wall color. Color instantly shifts the mood and even temperature of a room.  It wakes you up or helps you relax.  Color echoes the elements of nature, and in feng shui you can use color to bring more of an element to your whole life.  Here’s a roundup of unique color tones that express each of the five feng shui elements brilliantly!


Fire, warmth, calm energy… in a deep pink.  


Wood, growth, creativity, active energy… that is a chic green. 


The colors of earth stabalize and ground you.


Tiffany blue is the calm of and energy of water with self-reflective refinement.


And a charcoal grey adds precision and focus in a very unique, contemplative manner that is indelible.

Fire, wood, earth, water & metal— all in paint.  paint those walls! Its a worthwhile investment in your who experience of space!

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  1. Katie

    Thank you for posting the pink room. That room is amazing. It has given me some more inspiration!


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