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Jan 25, 2013 | Life With Art


(Jean Randazzo at Hyde Or Buy)

Alexis Hyde is not just art artful blogger- she’s a genius curator with the biggest art blog on Tumblr- Hyde Or Die-  and an intuitive knack for the art market like no one I’ve ever met!  One day I will give her a boatload of cash (this is my dream!) and have her buy me everything she loves.  That’s saying a lot because I, myself, am an art market wizard; she’s 100X me.  And she’s too humble to say it so I thought I would just toss it out there to start! Now, for the excitement.  Alexis has opened a virtual gallery, Hyde Or Buy, and its beyond brilliant!


 (Lily Rosenquist at Hyde Or Buy)

I’m so excited today to bring you a little chat with Alexis full of art collecting wisdom & entrepreneurial goodness!


(Jesse Hoy at Hyde Or Buy)


(Fette Sans at Hyde Or Buy)

Me: After blogging for years, was there a pinnacle moment that inspired “Hyde Or Buy”?

Hyde:  My mom wanted to buy a piece from someone she knew was my friend and realized not only is there not an avenue for said friend to be selling, but perhaps I could be that avenue. I have a lot of friends who are incredible artists but while you can find their stuff on the Internet, it can be intimidating to just cold e-mail someone asking if anything is for sale. I’m hoping I can bridge that gap.


(Katherine Finkelstein at Hyde Or Buy)

Me: Lots of “online art galleries” feel more like “print shops” to get some random artwork for a wall.  Hyde Or Buy is different. It feels different. Is this the virtual version of a brick & mortar gallery…i.e. are you aiming to build the careers of artists?

Hyde: I’m trying! I have a history with each of these people, I care about them as artists and as friends. I want them to do well now and go on to greater things than what I’m trying to do. I really want to be that stepladder for them. I by no means have an exclusive right with them in regards to any of their artwork besides what I have consigned and can be seen on the site. If someone wants something else, I am more than happy to liaise with the artist, but I want the transition to be seamless WHEN they get picked up by a larger venue than mine.


(Eric Spiegelman at Hyde Or Buy) 


(Lauren Steinberg at Hyde Or Buy)

Me:  What is a golden rule you can share about art collecting?

Hyde: Collect what YOU love. I see so many people attracted to art because they think they are supposed to love it or it’s “trendy”. You have to live with it, why would you want to live with something that doesn’t truly speak to you? There is enough art out there in the world that you can find something for yourself no matter what your tastes are! You just have to put in the time! Or email me and I’ll find something for you, promise!


(Kris Payne at Hyde Or Buy)


 (Deanna Rooney at Hyde Or Buy) 

Me: If you could buy any piece of art today in the whole world, what would it be and why?


Hyde: Urs Fischer’s Untitled (lamp/bear). The monumentality of this childhood icon leads me to think about what rules over my life, physically and emotionally. I would walk by it and reevaluate my priorities for the day. Can’t think of a better way to start and end the day!

Me: I love you Alexis!!! Thank you!!! 

Check out Hyde Or Buy if you haven’t already (!) right HERE.  And live with more art. Its very good for your whole life! xoxo Dana


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