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Jan 28, 2013 | Creativity


(Olafur Eliasson)

Expanding The Scope Of Life.  As my friend told me this weekend: ” I just want to make everything in my life bigger and better this year.”  I agreed. I’ve been doing a lot of “expanding” lately.  Moving to a gorgeous new place filled with DIY projects just waiting to be documented, finishing my first book, meeting tons of new people, learning technology, getting involved in nature, taking homeopathics… You name it, I have my hands in it!

Most of the time, its a joy.  But sometimes, while you expand, the rest of your life’s inner-workings don’t catch up to your increased size and shape.  Its as though you are simultaneously growing and yet collapsing while so much good is happening!

One little trick I learned that really helps in times of “upleveling” life, as its often called these days when you take life to the next level:


By this, I mean: don’t get so busy expanding everything in your life that you stop eating well, sleeping well, taking vitamins, taking walks, socializing or taking care of personal business like mail and phone messages and bills to be paid.

Seriously folks, the biggest pitfall in all this wild life improvement is neglecting the very simple foundation of your life.  When you do… ultimately your great big expansion will leave you flat on your face exhausted and burned out.

So, go crazy wild in making your life bright and shiny and bigger and bolder… but remember that the basics matter- bigtime. its a small note that can make the difference between success and becoming utterly drained!

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  1. Jessica

    Perfect! Just wat I needed to be reminded of today! Thank you:)


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