Trust Yourself

Jan 29, 2013 | Creativity


(Tracey Emin via Lehmann Maupin)

I thought maybe if we all saw this priceless set of words in hot pink neon we would somehow imprint the idea in our minds.  Did it work for you?

Trusting yourself is not easy in this world of noise where everyone is being advised from “virtual” voices that bombard us.

This year I want to make more decisions in quiet, because when I close in on a big decision and decide to “google it” or “ask around” for opinions  to get more information, I often get overwhelmed.  Its not that information is bad- its invaluable!- I just don’t think that I have fully developed the capacity to filter and evaluate so much information (there’s way more available than ever) and still trust myself and my own viewpoint all of the time.  

Rather than going through another year saying “Oh! I knew that was going to happen! Why didn’t I trust myself!” I’m willing to dare to listen to myself a little more.

Do you trust yourself often enough?


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