Good Vibe Jewels!

Jan 31, 2013 | Creativity


I have had naked arms and ears lately, and for a one-time jewelry designer, that’s weird. I think its time for new jewels with super good vibes. Since I am all about supporting artisans, I plucked a selection of good vibe gemstone and handmade vintage assembled jewels with symbolism for a little round up of Etsy fabulousness like the woven & bejeweled combination above!


First off, a rainbow of colored gems on cord bespeaks organic simplicity.

il_570xN_285728186I, however, am really into old-school friendship bracelets, done in rhinestone!  You can mix up a vintage bracelet and some hand woven friendship floss, or grab these beauties HERE.


The center of your chest is where the heart chakra resides.  Pink and green are the heart chakra colors; these stones are a creative/ lovey combination.


The sacral chakra- otherwise known as the sex or creativity chakra- correlates with orange.  Carnelian is the orange stone of choice to wake up and balance this area.  I love this simple gorgeous piece!


And since communication and confidence are key, a blue agate bracelet infuses life with a stronger, more certain voice.

OMG, I am so inspired I am going to pull out my gemstone boxes tonight and see what I can come up with!


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