Shake Things Up & Shine With Silver Home Accents!

Feb 2, 2013 | Home Style


(California Home Design)

Every cloud has a silver lining! Silver linings, silver accents: adding some silver metal energy to your decor is excellent for your mind and spirit on many levels. Here’s a roundup of small ways to add a “silver lining” to your home!



Metal energy in feng shui can help you create healthy boundaries in your life (cool, right?!) so adding some metal to a personal vanity could be a doubly symbolic and elemental way to reinforce personal boundaries as a way to beautify yourself and your life.  After all, if you let people vampire your energy and you “over-give” to people to the point of being drained, its not beautiful at all!


(Andy Warhol’s Silver Clouds)

Andy Warhol made a mountain of silver “clouds”: he turned the notion of a silver lining into visual terms we could understand and made a splash with these airy disco pillows.



On that note, splashes of silver in sequins, leather and “disco” mirrored metal  as home accents are an amazing way to pump up the life force as well as the curatorial metal element, which also makes your mind more discerning.



And just a single splash of silver can make a huge difference in the clean & resonant communication of your decor!

There’s some power in the idea of “silver linings.”  Silver in feng shui can add focus, personal power, a more discerning mind, a greater artistic sense… and even more live force!

xoxo Dana

P.S.: This week, Apartment Therapy is having the Homie Awards for home design & inspiration blogs.  If you love what I do, pop over there and vote!  Simple instructions to vote are right HERE!  Thank you in advance for your support! xoxo Dana


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