Sexy Aromatherapy!

Feb 3, 2013 | Sensory Goodness



I am so excited to have stumbled upon this infographic from Mixaroma!   I just watched my favorite sex & intimacy guru Kim Anami’s awesome video at My Yoga Online on how sex and yoga come together. My mind raced to sexy home tips that could help prepare not just for Valentine’s Day but for every day; I realized aromatherapy is a sure-fire passion winner.  Great aromatherapy will absolutely affect you chemically and energetically to create greater openness and readiness for love, sex and overall bliss. Its feng shui you can revel in! xoxo Dana


  1. Eleni

    Hey Dana,

    Did you go to school for Feng Shui? Just wondering if there is one/how you became so skilled – Thanks!

    • danaclaudat

      yes! yes i did. and studied art history at Stanford before that.


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