DIY Your Own High Vibe Anti-Stress Routine!

Feb 7, 2013 | Sensory Goodness


I have a “High Vibe routine” that is my go-to for when I’m super stressed, challenged or otherwise- for the good or the bad- overwhelmed.  It snaps me out of a whirlwind and helps me to become more present.  When the vibration of my life is higher, things start to slow. Stress stops the flow.  

Today I’m bringing you my HighVibe routine in broad strokes, so that you can DIY your own High Vibe routine, too!


1. Some great color & art!  Stick me in front of the Rothko’s in the permanent collection at MOCA in Downtown LA and I am instantly transported. A meditative, hypnotically colored piece of art in your office or home can do the same.

2. A bath. In my life, things get crazy & I get into a detox bath! The fastest one- a cup of Epsom salt in a hot tub. A full roundup of different detox baths right HERE!

3. Something funny. South Park. That’s my go-to. Hilarious. Stupid You Tube videos work as well.  Humor is a majorSouth_Park_Cartman vibe-raiser.  When you smile it actually injects more feel-good chemicals into your system!

4. Cleaning the kitchen.  Things get hectic and you’ll find me cleaning out my refrigerator and scrubbing my stove. Why? The kitchen is the seat of nourishment in your home.  Keeping it spotless raises the wellness level of your home.

5.  Homeopathy.  You may need to see an expert to get a proper formula for you, but homeopathy is my new favorite “vibe changer.”  I use a few pellets under my tongue as needed to keep me extra “grounded.”

6. Aromatherapy. As I sit here covered in Golden Earth’s #2 blend and loving it I can honestly say that aromatherapy can be a game changer in a hectic time! Sandalwood, rose, lavender = all awesome to stay calm and happy!

Whatever you come up with….do it! Use it…! Give yourself a toolbox that you can reach into to break out of a funk & your life will thank you for it! xoxo Dana

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  1. Arwa

    What homeopathy would you recommend?


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