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Feb 13, 2013 | Creativity



How equipped are you at home to live an artful life?  It takes very little… but it means so much… to have a home that allows you to live in flow with your creative as well as practical interests.

Here are a few feng shui ways to get your home more “artfully” appropriated!  



Indulge your interests and hobbies.  If you are so busy that you can’t do things you love, its time for a change.  Hobbies & interests keep us alive creatively.  Whatever you are passionate about… you have to give that time to yourself!  You may not have 40 hours a week to devote to your hobbies and passion projects, but an hour a week over time can infuse your world with more magic! Set aside ONE HOUR this week to even read about something you love to do. Start slow if you need to…but start!

il_570xN_291969581Keep things sparkling clean. You don’t need a major home renovation to have higher energy.  My little Energy Makeover involves lots of energetic & actual house cleaning. Try it (here it is!) and watch your space and interest in life change!

Stock up the fridge.  The starving artist days are over. In our lightening paced technological world, we need energy to thrive.  Food is energy.  Even if you are not used to eating at home often, try to keep the basics for a smoothie in the freezer, non-perishable snacks like nuts and dried fruit in the pantry and a few fresh veggies and fruits on hand as a bare minimum.  We eat with out eyes too— so a beautiful arrangement of goodies on a plate or in a great bowl will nourish your eyes as well as your body!  The people I find that are most stalled in their own creative action consider some beer or wine and chips to be close to the maximum in their fridge and pantry. That’s OK too, but add freshness!



Use color as a tool!  Green is a very universally creative color. Personally, when in doubt, I reach for Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware’s paint collection for walls.  Its almost “neutral” but very creatively enhances space in a subtle yet amazing way. Orange is another stimulating creative color.  & yes, even a bowl of fresh oranges will help spark the flow!



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