Are You Having Fun Climbing The Mountain?

Feb 14, 2013 | Uncategorized


If you are thinking that by being miserable now you can be happy later… you may want to take another look.  We all climb our mountains. If it sucks now, you might just lose speed before you even get to the top. I never tell anyone what decisions to make. Sometimes it works out to suck it up in a crappy job or a difficult situation if you can find the lightness and the best in it and not be miserable. But utter misery generally doesn’t magically change with achievement.  What I’ve seen is that people can never get enough when they’ve sold their soul for some far away payoff…because whatever they get isn’t quite happiness.  People who are partying on top of the mountain tend to value balance, peace, happiness and love along with getting to the top of the mountain.  Enjoy the way up!

xoxo Dana


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