A Scientific Love Method? Hm…

Feb 15, 2013 | Prosperity


(Jack Pierson’s Romance)

I have heard about this “love” experiment. I have watched Special Reports on network news about it. It is a scientific “method” to create greater attraction and even love between total strangers. Professor Arthur Arun devised and tested this little “love system” and its step-by-step, simple approach intrigues me.

Professor Arun’s Love Generating Method:

1. Find a total stranger. (Now, I suspect you need to brief them about what they will do for the next 34 minutes before they agree to sit down with you? Haven’t figured this part out.  Maybe bring a friend to “enroll” the stranger in this situation? )

2. Sit down and share intimate details about your lives for about a half hour.

3. Then… Stare into each others eyes for 4 minutes without talking.

That’s it.  Apparently his method has led to coupledom and even marriage.

I have always wondered if it worked…so I think am going to try it.  Maybe soon!  If you try it, can you please tell me what happens?

xoxo Dana


  1. Cathy Brydon

    Reading this blerb on Romance made me think of life and love after 20 years of marriage. We know all of our intimate thoughts, all of our pasts, all of our dreams and aspirations. Is this the problem when love becomes stale? Do we need to share slowly? Perhaps seperation is good for the soul. Love is rekindled when the two reunite and begin sharing again. Perhaps part of falling in love with someone, anyone in this experiment, is loving intimacy, loving the secrets that are opened and shared. Kind of makes me feel like falling in love all over again…. I think I will dig out past cards and letters that my husband and I wrote to each other years ago.

    • danaclaudat

      beautiful that you have postcards! and just so you know, sor people (like me) who have not yet found their soulmate, yours is an enviable position 🙂 (you might want to check out Kim Anami’s work— she does lots of writing and teaching on couples and sex & intimacy that is amazing!!!!)

  2. Dee

    Sounds lovely… but in my experience (and I’ve been among a lot of “tantric” situations just like this), sharing intimate details with a stranger can be a bad idea. It’s scary to reveal intimate details to someone who you don’t know and they could disappear the next day or turn out untrustworthy or a bad person to deal with.

    • danaclaudat

      yes its definately a tricky one. bit of a judgement call as to who to do this one with. 🙂


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