Fast Feng Shui : Write In Rainbow Color!

Feb 15, 2013 | Sensory Goodness

rainbow pencils

If you’re looking for a creative kick in the pants, something as simple as a adding a handful of colored markers, pencils, a box of crayons or a tray of pastels to your desk can do the trick!

I have noticed that when I only have typical blue or black pens on hand, I’m much less organized, lively and even energized.

Use can use color in specific ways.  For example, I used to use red for all the “due” things I had to do on my list for the day, because red is the most magnetic color visually.  I loved at one point journaling with a green pen.  At my most mind-numbing job where I felt disengaged, adding a massive pile of colored extra-fine-tip sharpies to my desk helped me to find ways to learn and grow and even, for a spell, thrive there!

You can learn much more of what the colors “mean” in feng shui right HERE!

Doodling with colors, of course,  is so dynamic, I can’t stop doing it.

It’s a small thing…but its a way to connect to your inner child as well as the multi-colored creative world around you!

Fast feng shui for your creative day!

xoxo Dana


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