DIY Probiotic Beauty Treats!

Feb 21, 2013 | The Beautiful

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Probiotics are the heroes of your digestive system.  This “bacteria” can decrease inflammation in your body (inflammation causes tons of autoimmune illnesses), strengthen your immune system, make your digestive track “happy” and even beautify your hair and skin.  As a beauty treatment, probiotics externally applied can also do lots of good for your skin which is, incidentally, also an organ that can “eat” things up!  While I cook a pot of super-yogurt (I’ll be blogging the how-to soon, its dramatically packed with live strains of the good bacteria!), I thought it was a perfect time for a little round-up of the neatest probiotic DIY beauty from some of awesome blogs!


Stevie’s Baja Yogurt Hair Mask Magic from Into The Gloss is luscious.


Frugally Sustainable whipped up a homemade probiotic deodorant that gets the job done without chemicals.


And Lauren Conrad’s Greek Yogurt Mask is whipped up with an extra capsule of probiotics for a skin-rejuvenating dose of exhilaration.

Now… off I go to make super-yogurt!  xoxo Dana


  1. Disa

    I have been using that probiotic deodorant recipe for the past year. Love it! Can’t wait to learn about your super yogurt.

    • danaclaudat

      🙂 probiotics rock! i love that you love it! doing a goat yogurt today & its simple, but trying to perfect a coconut milk one… & that ones not easy! coming soon! xx Dana


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