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Feb 21, 2013 | Sensory Goodness

Flower essences are the vibration of specific flowers captured in a liquid form (like water) and used to treat various emotional and energetic imbalances.  They are homeopathy of a different kind, with each flower correlating with a certain thing you say or feel like , ” What do you think I should do?” in this case!  Cerato is the flower essence that can connect you to your personal truth (rather than everyone else’s!) and my flower essence practitioner- the insanely talented Alexis Smart– breaks down how Cerato is used and where it can help you to bring more you to your life! 
floral_acupuncture1From Alexis: ” Cerato. This beautiful blue flower is originally from Tibet, the land of wisdom. The remedy is for those who doubt their own intuition. In their uncertainty or indecision, they ask friends, “What do you think I should do?”  They are easily made unsure by the opinions of others and can be changeable. They often do things  against their better judgement and later they say, “I knew better!” or “I knew right away I shouldn’t have done ‘so and so’, but I did it anyway!”
The longer they seek  answers outside of themselves, the less they trust themselves or their own perception. They can end up feeling lost and uncertain, losing their self-respect.
Cerato re-connects you to your own inner wisdom, to what is true for you. You will find that your intuition becomes incredibly accurate. Choices no longer cause you anxiety and you are no longer led astray by other people’s opinions.
Confidence grows as you realize you already have all of  the answers you need within your self.
You can find Cerato in my formulas:
About Face: For inner beauty. For those who are obsessed with their physical imperfections  are overly influenced by “media beauty”
Ganesh: The success formula,  removes the obstacles of self-sabotage
Wallflower: Gives social grace and charisma. Heals lack of confidence mixed with social anxiety and shyness.
Soul Purpose: For helping you figure out what you want to do in your life. For indecision at a cross-roads in your life. The compass.
And…for Kids:
SmartyPlants: Helps kids to focus in school and enjoy learning. Builds confidence in their own wisdom.


Alexis Smart Alexis Smart is a Bach flower remedy practitioner who lives in Los Angeles. Seeing her clients heal from emotional issues they thought were impossible to overcome inspired her to create a line of formulas to address the most common issues people face in our modern world. They treat everything from heartbreak to writer’s block. More recently, she introduced a line for children.

Alexis Smart is available for personal consultations/custom flower remedy blends. You can contact her as well as find her products here & can you findAlexis Smart Flower Remedies on Facebook here.


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