Instagramming: Simple Little Delights!

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Just like Bob soaking in his oatmeal bath, we all need a little TLC…and as often as possible!  This week’s Instagram is all about simple little delights and ways to make life a bit lighter!

Health_On_Your _Plate


I got a copy of Yara Shoemaker’s healthy food and beauty book, “Health On Your Plate”.  If you are looking for a starter book on heathy eating that has a focus on beauty (and some cool beauty tips) you’ll dig this.  The emphasis is on basic & simple…and the cooking and shopping guidelines are really helpful for someone launching into a healthier regime on a gradient!

golden earth essential oils


Of course, I have been blanketed in Elizabeth Golden’s Golden Earth Chakra Wellness oils. If you missed it, check out her interview HERE (& she’s doing a give away of a divine gift set  too!)

MOS Organizer

I was pysched to learn about the MOS Magnetic Cable Organizer!   This is major organizational geek alret material! I will do a whole piece on it soon, its really sleek and fun!

puppy_sleepingAnd, last but not least… I am loving the Afterglow iPhone camera app (to make these hearts and effects!)  and loving Gordy’s newfound habit of sleeping on his back!

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  1. Arwa

    little things make all the difference 🙂



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