Apple Pie Spinach Smoothie!

Feb 24, 2013 | Food-Shui


Ah, finally I am using the Vitamix that I wanted so badly, after a spell of making fairly hard-to-drink green smoothies and sticking it on the shelf.  My gradient of incorporating green drinks: sweeter, more delicious, maybe not wholly “fast-worthy” but really filled with nutrition.  So, after a little doing, I finally nailed an apple pie smoothie that really is apply pie-esque for all its greenness!

Incidentally, the scent of spiced apples has historically been used to heighten creativity.  Also, the addition of “warm” spices like cinnamon and ginger to your diet can improve your digestion and help reduce inflammation in your body.  Extra fun food-shui for you for the day! 

Apple Pie Spinach Smoothie:  two handfuls of raw spinach leaves (I use organic baby spinach), one crisp, sweet apple (pink lady, fuji, honey crisp, etc) cored (I leave the peel on mine), two cups of filtered cold water, about ten shakes of cinnamon (I like even more… the cinnamon warms this up!) and a very heaping tablespoon of raw, creamy, almond butter (salted or not is up to you). I do add a few cubes of ice ice at the end of blending most of these to make it refreshing. Its up to you as well.

You can also add: a tablespoon of coconut oil (for both texture, nutrition & more of a “pie crust” flavor), dates (I find dates are great in everything) and some nutmeg or powdered ginger to make it even spicier… but I think the simple version is satisfying enough.

Blend it all up in a high-powered blender (or in a regular blender- but I’d peel the apple for that one) and serve with more cinnamon on top to heighten the entire drinking experience.   & Enjoy!  xoxo Dana


  1. karen isaacs

    i just made my first smoothie with apple pie spianch smoothie and i have to say oh my god it is so incredible good i even added little ginger and celery leaves cos i did not want to throw them away and i thought those sounds good with it since it does complement it. and now i love it! thanks to you dana!!!!!

    • danaclaudat

      thats awesome! i will try it with ginger lately- its my current favorite 🙂 i’m so glad you liked it!!! xxxooo


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