15 Ways To Use Lemon In Your Life!

Feb 26, 2013 | Sensory Goodness


Put that bowl of decorative (!)  or languishing lemons to work in your home and you won’t regret it!  Here are 15 very simple and super-fresh and effective ways to use lemon to clean, nourish and beautify your life!


(Joseph Beuys)

At home

– Squeeze two small or one large lemon into a spray bottle (I use my hand as a seive to filter out seeds) and add an equal part of vinegar or vodka.  Fill the rest of the bottle (a medium sized one) with fresh water (distilled is best, or boiled and cooled) and voila- a really fresh window cleaner! Use with newspaper to get an extra streak-free finish!

– A half a lemon can be rubbed on your soap scummy faucets and drain covers to brighten them up

– Squirt a few lemons into a microwave-safe bowl and add water. Stick it in the microwave on high for a minute or two, until you “steam” the interior of the microwave.  Now wipe clean with a damp sponge.  Chemical-free!

– If your trash disposal stinks, add some lemon peels to it before you turn it on… and run water through.  Keep in mind, its best to chop em up first and please do not do this is your disposal doesn’t work well (try baking soda in that case!)

– Use the remnants of a lemon while you are cookinng to freshen up your chopping block.  You can add a few drops of grapefruit seed extract to the lemon face before you scrub- it turns this into a real antibacterial treatment followed with some pretty hot water.

On your plate (and in your cup)

– Hot water and lemon in the morning is divine as a ritual.  (more on this HERE)

– Use a little squirt of lemon to keep your fresh apple slices and avocado freshly colored (and fresher tasting!)

– If you are in lemon overload at home, peel a few and use the colored part of the rind (just peel it off) diced in long strips and frozen in ice cubes.  They make a glass of water really fantastic!

– Add those peeled lemons from above to juices that are bitter greens to brighten and sweeten them.  You can add them to “weed” filled green smoothies too, and they really lift the flavor profile.

– Use as a salt-substitute when you are shaking far too much on your place- lemon makes just about anything a bit more delicious, especially veggies, fish, and salads…

And in beauty

– Build-up on your hair can get banished with a little lemon rinse. I squeeze a lemon in a big bowl full of water and toss it over my hair between shampoo and conditioner.  I comb through and let it sit for a moment before rinsing well.  If you have dyed hair, do this with caution as if you don;t rinse it out it can lighten your hair!

– Deliberately lighten hair.  A bit of fresh lemon mixed with conditioner and concentrated on yor hair ends can create the “ombre” effect you want.  (*same note- do this with caution if you have very dark or dyed hair!)

– Rub fingertips and nails with a mix of baking soda and lemon juice to lighten polish-stained yellowing.

– Mix the juice of a lemon with a scoop of sugar (1/2 cup or so) and some olive oil to make a scrub/paste.  Its an awesome pedicure treat.  You can scrub it in then soak in it.

– For dry elbows, knees (some do this on their face, not me), or back: sugar on the face of a lemon can be scrubbed gently on dry spots to exfoliate in the shower (I never scrub completely dry skin!)

 And… if you have more please drop them below! I love collecting these lists of time-tested effective ways to lessen the chemicals and add to the brightness of life!  xxoo Dana


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