Fabulous Felt Feel-Good Home Goodies

Feb 26, 2013 | Home Style



(from Etsy)

Felt! Its fabulously unusual to most of us, it adds usually unexpected softness and you can even make it! But we aren’t going to DIY today- but, rather, to celebrate some of the funnest in felt on Etsy right now!


Wool felt dryer balls (found these HERE ) remove static, “fluff” up your laundry, and (although I’ve never experienced this) are said to reduce drying time.  I just love them, and they are massively eco friendly.  Toss them in your dryer over and again… and then put ’em in a bowl to brighten up your laundry room!


Bright felted bowls on your desk (like THESE)  can organize your clips, post its, change and keys…amongst other things!


Graphic felt coasters (HERE are more colors) are super-juicy eye candy that will not scratch up your tabletops.


This is a major design move! Felt stones (find them HERE) ! Mix them with your collection of pebbles & stones to create a “soft/hard” collection of awesome in a vase on display, or strewn on top of a toilet tank (to add Earth element), or lining a bare windowsill.


And to make an office more fun, add color to a party (they you can use again and again) and add handmade colorful whimsy to a space… felted balls of garland are divine.

Texturific & delightful! xoxo Dana


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