Dream Big & Infuse Your Home With Those Dreams!

Feb 27, 2013 | Prosperity


Dreaming big.  It doesn’t only mean what our culture has reinforced- money, fame, power- though it can.  Dreaming big can mean- philanthropy, creative breakthroughs, living the kind of life you want to lead, travelling the world or being the best in the world at what you do. Dreaming big is dreaming to the capacity that you have excitement, direction and a mission.  Dreaming big— and designing those dreams in reality— is so much fun & the stuff that a dynamic life is made of!   


(Total dreamy Damien Hirst casually plopped in a dining room)

Dreaming doesn’t mean becoming obsessive about “manifesting”.  It doesn’t mean being self obsessed or wildly fixated on making things happen. Dreaming is a limitless ability to see and do.  Dreaming, in my mind, is the same as creating art.  Its an openness and yet feels grounded—  that is the duality that sems to gives birth to everything in the world.  

I talk about designing “dream homes” with my style of feng shui and art and decor, and I help people to do it…but what does that mean? Dream homes are an expression of you without limits.  They are the visual and sensory support to help you overcome your own mental, physical and emotional hurdles.  Dream homes help us rest or give us energy. 


(Gary Lang)

The first thing I typically ask my clients in a consultation is: what is your intention? What is the dream?  Its usually the hardest thing for clients to identify and articulate.   Usually there are a few. Too many and nothing gets done. I can see in a home if one’s dreams are too ephemeral.  I can’t see any of their intention in their home.  When we dress things differently, suddenly these goals and visions become part of life in a more actual way!

Think about it:  Are your dreams exciting enough for you? Do they have enough color and feeling?  Now…Does your home excite you? Does it have enough color and sensory goodness to engage you and inspire you? 

This is a very good starting point to see where you can create a more expansive environment—and a life—  that feels (and looks) more fun, free and radiant!  xoxo Dana


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