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Feb 28, 2013 | Prosperity


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I saw this piece of typography fly by on Tumblr and laughed… but then, re-reading it I realized just how many times this must happen in a day!  Text messaging + every form of social media= the awesome-est and most dangerous combination of connection and disconnection.  We can reach so many more people- amazing!- but the tendancy is to be less engaged or invested in all this “connecting.”  Whats’ scary is when your closest relationships starting going the way of disconnected communication. We gotta stick together in real life, too, and in a big way.

Here’s a bit of feng shui to help you stay connected.  When you are really connected, you feel more solid, supported, stable and useful, loving, loved…all sorts of greatness springs from connection.

fengshui bagua map

(lay this map over your floor plan so that the bottom row contains the primary entrance door)

Above is the bagua map.  In feng shui, it helps you to see what is going on in your life as it is reflected in your home. Four main spaces in your home deal with connecting to people (compassion, legacy, relationships & children), but for our purposes let’s focus on Compassion & Helpful People. 

Check your Compassion area.  Is the far right of your home along the wall that contains the entrance door empty? Is it cluttered?  Does it send a solitary or “Gothic” message? (for example… a scarecrow, a piece of taxidermy… very dark artwork…it can work in other places but its the opposite of cultivating COMPASSION!) Spend a bit of time making this area FEEL open and available and warm and all of the things that demonstrate how you’d like to be perceived and what you’d like to share with others to help them.

How connected do you feel to others?  In addition to spending a bit of time on COMPASSION in your home, go through your calendar and set aside more time to really connect to people you care about. 

How much do you give? This area is also one of charitable deeds.  Can you give a little TIME to compassionate acts of charity.  Yes, money is important, but time is as important to your life…to actually experience and engage personally with others.

Connection, compassion, giving…Go for it!!!  xoxo Dana  (bonus points that all this connection to life and others will, incidentally,  help you to prosper on every level!)


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