Momentum & All About Becoming Unstoppable!

Feb 28, 2013 | Prosperity


Momentum.  Understanding it in a new way might just help you to build it in your life.

Physics considers linear momentum to do with how difficult it is to stop an object in motion. The more momentum it has, the harder it is to stop it.  Simple.

The basic formula to calculate momentum is (mass) x (velocity).  In simple terms this means that a big rock that has the mass of one pound travelling at 100 miles an hour might have the same momentum as a big truck travelling very very slowly.   The rock has a small mass but big velocity, while the truck has tons of mass even if minor velocity. How does this apply to your life? 

Here physics sheds a light on why its really good to keep going when you are engaging in creating anything– even if you are inclined to stop and think a lot or ruminate about things.  You will lose velocity while you still don’t have enough mass in the creation to sustain its momentum.  Does that make sense?

Its also a good idea not to go so fast that you burn out before you get anywhere! I usually tell my feng shui clients with a big to-do list for their home design to start slowly in making changes, but do it consistently.  This consistency tends to build momentum as the amount of the project completed steadily grows.  Also, each feng shui adjustment that hits home brings more energy to the space, which, in turn, creates more vibrancy in the “crossed-off” items on the to-do list and fuels the next change.

The tendency is to try to do things all at once.  Its a rush of energy (high velocity) that doesn’t always reap enough  rewards fast enough to sustain and build momentum.  You may feel super motivated for a day or two, but if you burn yourself out, all that speed you have will dwindle as will the quality of what you make with all that speed.  Go way too fast and you lose momentum.  Its almost like the life cycle of a “one hit wonder” on the radio.  It all happened so fast and there’s nothing to sustain the momentum, thus the artists can, indeed, be stopped.

What does all of this mean in the business of making art,  beautiful lives or just about anything work well? Momentum is your friend! With momentum things flow.  With momentum you feel more free.  Momentum is, indeed, moving your toward becoming “unstoppable”!



In your home, color, light and art can help you build momentum in your life overall.  HERE are some glamorous and motivating environments in my mind.  You can find your own “energizers,” but I wanted to give you ideas to get started!



You can also use a fish tank (I love fish!), mobiles or even a great fan to help you with your steady build of momentum if you are stuck of thinking too much and doing too little!  Motion breeds action!

If anything, just remember that like a snowball rolling down a hill, as it rolls it gains momentum because it collects more snow as it rolls.  Same for you: as you roll through life you’ll pick up more mass in ideas, wisdom, experience and size of your endeavors…and you’ll have that momentum!

(this might be the coolest Rube Goldberg Machine music video ever by OK GO)

I do expect a scientist to message me about this! Meanwhile, start the momentum, or keep the momentum going. Pace yourself. Rest well. But grow as you go.   Once you get established enough or collect enough size or mastery in one area you can  slow down your pace  and maintain the same “momentum” on that front as you go to work creating something new.  This principle really works when applied… (and  its a groovy way to look at physics, too)!  xoxo Dana

Art by Yago Hortal.  I’m a huge fan!



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