How Do You Know When Your Feng Shui Is Done?

Mar 2, 2013 | Feng Shui 101

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People often ask me how to get perfect feng shui.  Fair question! Short answer: It doesn’t exist, nor should it.  We are, hopefully, even if slowly, always growing.  And perfect is silly and self-damning. I say that feng shui is awesome when you are living your dreams and feel your environment totally supporting and amplifying those dreams!  



Feng shui, organization, design… its an ongoing process.  It may seem like a cop out to answer a question like “How do you know when your feng shui is done?” by saying “You’ll just know.” But its true!  Also, you’ll know when you are growing more and want to make new “shifts” to accommodate your lifestyle and your new perspective. Its like having the perfect cool-girl outfit for a three year old who then becomes four and can’t get a leg into the tiny jeans any more.

When you start moving energy around your home, you will feel the changes. At times, just one of two moves of stuff will help you feel tremendously better.  And then what? Do you stop?  Yep.  For now. Sometimes it takes a few months- or much longer- to go through all that I recommend to a client.  Sometimes, weeks or days.  There is always room to grow.

The whole process of a feng shui consultation (even if you do it for yourself!) is to get more in tune with the flow of energy around you and through your life.  You might not be ready or excited to go on a two hour hike tomorrow, but if you did a few weeks of small and engaging hikes, you might be so excited to take that an epic wilderness hike that you initiate it!

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The journey of fresh feng shui design should be organic and engaging. So that you know how to approach things for your own  home, here’s a bit about how I work one-on-one with feng shui:

My clients get a long list of recommendations from me.  I ask them to work through the stuff intuitively, though I prioritize and explain each thing I recommend.  For example: “the red poufs are to create a more engaging social life and balance out the zombie hours of boredom you’ve been experiencing.”  I’m making it up, but you get the picture.  I try to attach a “why” to as much as possible that I recommend for a home, so that you aren’t blindly moving stuff around.  That said,  sometimes it takes two adjustments to get to a place where suddenly that big organizational project seems appealing and exciting. I hear things like, “Once I repaired the crack in my wall and refinished the table there I suddenly was excited to revamp my kitchen cabinets.”

All of this is to say that you don’t need to panic if you read my blog and are taking tips and using them and you start to feel like “you’ll never be done” with the vast amount of stuff you perceive needs to change!  None of us are ever “done”…and we all have room to grow! That’s exciting! Also, you may be ready for more specific changes.  That’s why I am writing books now, so that just about anyone can get some personalized feng shui to make things pop at home and in life!

feng shui 101 diy I’ve now released the Feng Shui 101 DIY feng shui e-book I have been enriching and designing for over a year now (!) , and  I want to empower you to start making cool design changes and energy shifts with as much knowledge and clarity as possible.  No panic, fear, self-judgement or superstition here!  Designing you dream life my-style means grabbing as much artfulness, musicality, dancing energy & colorful creativity as you can and having an amazing time living a more flowing and free life!

The best place to start? Think about what your dream home looks and feels like.  (More on this HERE) and find a way to infuse one aspect of that dream home into your space, even if its a poster or a picture or a drawing or a fountain or a luscious plant.   You are on your way!

And click HERE to grab your copy of Feng Shui 101 and get to designing your dream life!

xoxo Dana


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