It Is All About Being More Luminous!

Mar 2, 2013 | Life With Art

James Turrell pink light sculpture

(James Turrell)

Luminosity. Light seeping into your life, your windows, your attitude, your body. Light is energy. We need it to thrive.  This year, lighting up is top on my priority list!  We all need as much light- physically, metaphorically and artistically- as possible!   Here are a few ways you can get a near-instant boost of the luminous!

Olafur Eliasson Weather

(Olafur Eliasson)

1. Wake up at sunrise, or as early as you can! When you are up early, you get more light.  Obviously, don’t wake up early, turn on your TV in a dark room with the lights closed and expect to feel more vitality! Wake up early and pull the curtains open, take the dog for a jog or go for a walk.  Sit outside or by a sunny window and have your coffee.  This is “small” but man is it a phase-shift, especially to battle blues and to become more productive!


(Edgar Arcineaux)

2. Wear gemstones! Or plop some shiny ones around your house! Earthy luminosity= a dream! People ask me “Well what kind of crystals? Which ones?” And my response: “Any one you like.” I don’t ascribe to a one-size-fits-all, use-this-gem-for-this-reason philosophy.  Its a feeling that you love the look and vibe of something that will help it to bring more luminosity to your space.

chrstopher janney miami airport

(Christopher Janney)

3.Wash your windows. This is very fast feng shui that we neglect. Washing your windows not only improves the quality of your light inside a space, it also helps give you mental clarity! Felix Gonzalez-Torres

(Felix Gonzalez Torres)

4. Invest in a few super-light bulbs!   I’m a bit late to the party on THESE wild  Philips light bulbs that cast abulb really beautiful light and are engineered to not only save you electricity but are built to last an average of 22.8 years! Yes, I have no idea why they were not given a name other than Philips 49904/423343 but these super-light bulbs have been road tested in my life and I have to say, I was sold from the moment my very wise-shopping, non-impulse-buying friend said he bought them after extensive research (all the while thinking, “Am I really spending over 20 bucks on each light bulb?!”) and was thrilled! When you have super-light bulbs, you can leave more light on guilt-free at home, and that is excellent for your spirits and the “fire” energy of your home!  If you don’t go the way of Phillips, try to get the warmest, most full-spectrum energy-efficient bulbs you can find. Swap them out as you burn out bulbs, and you will watch your space shift!

Of course, great art ALWAYS makes life more luminous.  Above are a few of my favorities, amongst the hundreds (!)… Enjoy. xoxo Dana


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