Fast Feng Shui : Hang A Bird Feeder!

Mar 5, 2013 | Pet-Shui

bird feeder

To bring the tweeting sounds of nature to your backyard or patio, hang a bird feeder!   I happen to love this hand-woven wire feeder from Etsy that loks more like a postmodern sculpture than a birdhouse…and the birds seem to dig it, too.   You’ll be drawing nature close to home, and that to me is a beautiful thing!

This fast suggestion to implement will take a bit of research on your part to get it right and not encourage the wrong visitors to your home! The Cornell Lab of Ornithology explains what to put in your bird feeders right here.  Take a peek, because you probably want to discourage squirrels and raccoons who try to steal all the food! Also, mixing cayenne pepper into birdseed might help to deter the squirrels & raccoons, but not the birds.

One note on this: if you live in a building. be sure your neighbors are OK with your bird-feeding.  What is music to your ears could be heard as disruptive by your neighbors if they aren’t on the same page! xoxo Dana


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