Plates That Tell A Story On Your Walls

Mar 6, 2013 | Life With Art

plates on walls

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While I have always enjoyed the “look” of plates well-hung on a wall, from a feng shui perspective they also are a fantastic way to add both earth element (all that porcelain & china is earthy, indeed) as well as personal history to a space.  While its true you can hang just about any plate you want in a gorgeous arrangement, to light up your space, think about collecting plates from markets as you travel, from antique or thrift shops, or tap into your family collection (as I will soon!) to create personal meaning in wall art. Check out what you can do!

schnabel plates

(Julian Schnabel’s portait of Stella)  

My introduction to plates on the walls came via artist Julian Schnabel’s work.  His brother, I believe, had cracked a bunch of plates in their transit…and although at first it seemed like a big loss,  they seemed like an excellent medium for sculptural painting.  I am telling the story poorly, and perhaps omitting key details, but nevertheless, these plate paintings have an enduring, solid, almost organic feeling to them, especially up close. 

plates on wall


So, the idea of hanging plates as “art” seems very…natural…in my mind. This mandala is divine. It gives you a sense of the possibilities!

plates on wall


I love the sense of vignette here.  Its quite simple to “design” a free-form arrangement.

plates on wall


Wow-factor indeed! I imagine a bit of patience goes into this installation!

Now, a few notes.  Please do not hang these in high traffic areas with kids or animals (or clumsy adults) running about.  Also, no matter where you hang them, if you are not technically proficient, seek help to do it properly.  THIS DIY from Casa Sugar will get you started…but always, safety-first!  xoxo Dana


  1. Esraa Nazer

    Dear Dana,
    I’m in love with all the topics you’re covering, your style of writing, your energy, and all the valuable knowledge you’re sharing

    Thank You

    • danaclaudat

      You have no idea how much appreciated your awesome message is!!! It literally got me through a tough part of the day today! Thank you Esraa! xoxo Dana


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