Fruit Juice Ice Cubes!

Mar 8, 2013 | Food-Shui

(Culinary Musings made these fancy cubes, along with a cocktail!)

Juicy ice cubes: a very fast food shui idea to inspire the drinking of more vitamin-packed, delicious juice & herbal teas! It couldn’t be more simple. Your favorite (and preferably pulp free, so your drinks aren’t layered in pulp) organic juices, an ice cube tray and … Done!

Citrus fruit ice cubes make iced tea light up.  You can add them to a water pitcher to create an impermanent work of art that you drink all day as it becomes lightly flavored water. An intense green veggie juice can benefit from the sparkle of citrus ice cubes, too!

flavored ice cubes


You can freeze juices like blueberry, cranberry and grape and add them to your Vitamin Water for a real kick, or float them in fizzy water: so gorgeous!

Also, fruit juice ice cubes can make an average cocktail that much more delicious, if you so dare.

If you are really ambitious you can freeze multiples juices in layers. For example, pour in orange halfway filling a tray, freeze it solid, then add pomegranate to fill the tray and freeze again. Ombre ice. What wow factor!

Have fun! xoxo Dana


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