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Mar 10, 2013 | Uncategorized

fortune cookie


This week’s Instagram is decidedly pink, as is my creative exuberance!  Everything seems to resonate more with a splash of roses and magenta!

femg shui book

I decided to make the Feng Shui 101 e-book a total experience that you could really work with over and again… so I am laying out the multicolored pages and filling in the blanks with all sorts of awesomeness.  Can’t wait to share it!!!

car wash

Meanwhile, the quick stop at the drive through car wash was my splash of art for the week.

puppy buddha

And Bob and I spend time chanting out Buddha time together. (This is what he looks like right before he falls asleep.)

multicolored flowers

While the promise of Spring shines through, multicolored.  I can hardly wait!

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