Creative Interior Design That Is Wildly Cool!

Mar 11, 2013 | Home Style

creative desk

(Plaza Interior) 

Creative interior design & creative spaces. While you might think about feng shui’d spaces as minimal, there is a time and a place and a personality that thrives in creatively filled space.  In fact, some of you may even need creative mess.  Piles of papers, stacks of books, a wall full of pinned up inspiration, a gallery wall of art: you might find inspiration in this eclectic way. Today I am geeking out about Swedish blog Plaza Interior and their images of creatively wild spaces filled with joyful collections, layered patterns and eye candy colors!

pottery display


(Plaza Interior) 

A gorgeously displayed collection of pottery and glassware.

indoor garden

(Plaza Interior) 

Indoor gardening in a great big way!


(Plaza Interior) 

A vignette of bookshelves filled with confidence!

creative living room

(Plaza Interior) 

I just love this texturific living room that is so inviting and artistic!

Bold moves in decor can really work out.  Experiment! xoxo Dana


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