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Mar 12, 2013 | Feng Shui 101

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A reader asked an awesome feng shui and sleep question: ” I’m having trouble sleeping & not necessarily the falling asleep part. It’s hard to find a comfortable position to lay in.  I used to sleep flat on my back for years, then within the last two years I’ve been sleeping more on my sides. I’ve seen misc. articles about how your sleep position reveals stresses, etc. Is that true? Is there anything I should try? I’ve been trying to sleep flat on my back again and it does feel more ‘right’, but I’m almost afraid to stay in that position for long. I guess my question is…do you see any correspondence between this and feng shui? or lack there of?”

My Answer:

I had an issue like this when my mattress was going south a few years ago. You might want to flip it, etc, to see if that helps a bit.  The jury is split on this, but an average mattress can be flipped. If you have a Rolls Royce style mattress, new pillows might help.  There are all kinds of groovy ergonomic pillows out there that I love for different reasons, and I am being sent some excellent ones to test drive right now so I’ll be back to you with a review on this soon!

Its weird to say, but over time our mattress and pillows and bedding literally get flooded with old memories (and actual skin cells! amongst other things) so you might want to give everything a hot bath and spin in the dryer and the mattress a vacuum and see if that helps “energetically” reset things.  Zip on a mattress cover, too. 

Stress in your life does totally affect sleep patterns, but I am not an expert on the positions it can trigger!  If you are stressed, its far better to work that out in your daily life than need too many contraptions in order to “cope” with it long term.  IE: your sleeplessness is pretty loudly telling you to get the stress out during the day. Exercise can definitely help!!! And keeping journals, a reduction in life drama and quitting sugar can also make your sleep more dreamy! Also, when I’m really not going to sleep for a while, I do different creative visualization exercises to make use of the time in bed not sleeping. You might like THIS one. 

Hopefully this is a good place for you to start!

Sweet dreams! xx Dana


  1. Monica

    My bedroom is in the southwest corner of my home. My Kay number is 5. Yet the headboard is on the West wall between two windows. The problem is with this position there is a vent between me and my husband. Also, the footboard faces the bathroom door. Leading straight to the toilet & laundry room. Plus I am not able to see exactly who is coming on my side of the bed, but I have a clear view of the door. There is plenty of room on the opposite wall of the door & I have placed the bed there a few times. Yet, my spouse & I fight often. On either wall there is room for nightstands. Oh! There is also a celing fan in the room. I heard this is a no way. It’s small and we rarely use it. Seeking peace & love

    • danaclaudat

      i don;t work with kua numbers and it might be great to get nightstands and work on peace and love holistically. unless your room directly triggers fights because of its design or temperature or architecture, you may want to look at the dynamics between both of you. 🙂 xoxo Wishing you peace and love!!!


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