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Mar 12, 2013 | Sensory Goodness

chicory flower

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Alexis Smart’s flower remedies are a very powerful yet totally harmless form of emotional “elixir”  that you can drop under your tongue to help restore balance to your energy. I have been taking them for nearly a year now, and yes, personally I can feel the difference.   Today, Alexis will talk about the flower remedy Chicory and how it can help open up your heart, lessen fears of abandonment and can support you in breaking the over-worry, over-caring-about-others cycle.  What a cool flower essence!

chicory flower

(awe-inspiring chicory flower by Tanya Keefe on Redbubble)

From Alexis: ” Chicory flower essence gets a bad rap in many of the more modern books on flower remedies. Those who need Chicory are described as self-pitying, possessive, needy, fussy and manipulative. While this can be the case, when a Chicory person is balanced, they are the most loving and giving people, with strong mothering instincts. Dr. Bach described them as “…mindful of the needs of others; over-full of care for children, relatives, friends, always finding something that should be put right. They are continually correcting what they consider wrong, and enjoy doing so. They desire that those for whom they care should be near them.

Chicory people are very emotionally sensitive and can easily get their feelings hurt, feel rejected or abandoned. It is this sensitivity which may lead them to hold on too tight to those they love. This causes a tragic catch-22 in their lives, because their fear of losing love is often the very thing that makes others pull away. 

 I have seen the most beautiful transformation in my clients who have  taken Chicory. When we first meet, they may feel like an orphan, unloved and insecure in relationships.  After a month on this blue flower, they are radiating love and charisma, secure in themselves, finally having found that the love they longed for was there all along, in their own hearts.

This remedy can be used for anyone with abandonment issues. It makes you feel truly loved and brings harmony to relationships (both romantic and familial), as once those close to you sense that you are loving without need, they are all the more giving with their own love.

Chicory can be found in my formulas:
In Love for attracting healthy relationships and harmonizing existing ones    
WholeHearted for heartbreak and grief (both recent and childhood wounds)                                
Moon River for hormonal related emotionality                                                
And in Kid’s Formulas:
Dream Boat for helping babies/kids sleep                
Good Grief for sad kids affected by divorce, homesickness or loss of any kind 
Goody Gum Drops for tantrums, the terrible 2’s (at any age)  
Magic Shield for shy or fearful kids         


alexis smartAlexis Smart is a Bach flower remedy practitioner who lives in Los Angeles. Seeing her clients heal from emotional issues they thought were impossible to overcome inspired her to create a line of formulas to address the most common issues people face in our modern world. They treat everything from heartbreak to writer’s block. More recently, she introduced a line for children.

Alexis Smart is available for personal consultations/custom flower remedy blends. You can contact her as well as find her products here & can you findAlexis Smart Flower Remedies on Facebook here.                    


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