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Mar 18, 2013 | Prosperity


Gordon & ee cummings really have a point!

“Formulas. Proven strategies. The sure-fire path.”  If you are an artist or a creative being- and really, we all are!- these words might just turn your world to grey.  There’s nothing wrong with seeing what has helped other people find their ideal relationship, their fabulous job or their career path…or anything else. You may gain valuable inspiration and spark fresh ideas.  There is something wrong with feeling obliged to do what other people have done because you feel pressured to do that, and its massively wrong if you are forcing yourself into a mold in the hopes of having a certain result appear.  If you are not authentic, you are missing out on both a lot of joy and a lot of the talent and unique gifts that specifically you are meant to bring to this world.  Learn a lot, use what works…and keep true to you!  Its not about being weird or throwing away good practices for the sake of being different- it is about sticking to your guns and not compromising your core ideals and vision to conform to any “standard.”  Be you & set your own bar! 😉

xoxo Dana


  1. Ken

    It’s about feel good with yourself! And love yourself! You have to pamper yourself,
    now one gonna to it for you! Soo inspired Dana! By the way you look amazing
    beautiful. Vibrant and fool of life. You made my day! L love your jacked!

  2. Sveta

    you are very beautiful, Dana and you new stile of clothes and make-up is very attractive))
    thanks a lot!))


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