Lava Lamp Love!

Mar 19, 2013 | Home Style

lava lamp

(image & Lava Lite lamp via Amazon)

I was reminded by a very incredible and luminous friend today of  an old classic standby to add fire, motion and rhythm to a space: the lava lamp!!! While these are not a design move for everyone, today’s newly upgraded lava lamps (like the one above) are infused with patterns, prisms and even glitter!

lamps Plus Amazon

(Lava Lite Lamp  & image via Lamps Plus on Amazon) 

Personally, I am a fan of lava lamps of the old standard.  Don’t ask me why, but there’s nothing that “moves” me in quite the same way!

If you use lava lamps wisely they will become your best friend in good-vibing out your space.  For many very productive years I had a series of lava lamps on my desk non-stop flowing for 24 hours a day (this is NOT recommended: they get very hot and become very hazardous) until they burned out their color to a pale yellow. A wiser me knows that these lamps should not be left unattended at all, and they should not be used in homes with animals and kids because they do become hot, they can fall over and they are a choking/poison hazard if they shatter or have parts that pop off.  So, adults and animal-free spaces only.  That said, for a grown-up office, even a new wave bedroom or dorm, a fabulous living room… any room that could benefit from motion, fire and a bit of smooth flow…these are your go-to glow if you dig ’em as much as me! Flip them on when you sit down to work or hang out…and make sure to flip them off before you go… and I hope you feel the watery, fiery, dynamic flow!  xoxo Dana


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