Lovely Letterpress Calling Cards!

Mar 19, 2013 | Creativity

letterpress love notes


(Wild Little Goose on Etsy) 

Letterpress: there is no more material, tactile, delightful reminder to actually stay in touch with someone! I so enjoy the smooth and substantial weight of a letter-pressed card, the embossed design, the flash I get in my mind of its being hand-created prior to landing in my purse.  Lovely letterpress- like these surprise “secret admirer” notes from Wild Little Goose on Etsy, make a memorable statement.  I’ve pulled together a few of my favorites to inspire you to perhaps up your calling card ante?!

calling cards

Perhaps you are are a graphic, big and open person? Here you go, from vermillion star press!

calling cards

The sweet and traditional look of a card from Blushing Pearl.

calling cards

Print & Grain makes business look even more personal.

calling cards

And this simple, chic script from chatham and caron is a forever favorite of mine!

I have to say, a little thing like a calling card- even if you make your own- will make you feel more fancy…and ready to expand your circles! xoxo Dana


  1. Charin Adams

    Those are amazing! I am such a sucker for typography. 🙂


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