6 Contemporary Artists To Swoon Over!

Mar 20, 2013 | Life With Art

tim walker

(Tim Walker)

Art is the pulse of my life.  If you need a shift in perspective, art is your window into new universes. If you want an adventure, a great piece of art is transporting! There is so much contemporary art talent in the world, and I rely on my sources to keep me plugged in as I swim in home decor and holistic goodies.  Yet again, it never fails that Jemma Craig of Rustybreak (you gotta follow her Tumblr right HERE) introduced me today to six artists that are mind-blowing, like Tim Walker’s delightful photography above!!!! Visual playground ahead…!

tim walker

More Tim Walker. 


How chillingly elegant and visceral is this Mark Demsteader piece?

david mramor

David Mramor paints what my notebooks look like if transformed from ideas into exceptional art.


Who can help but love themselves some Hush?


Marzia Corinne Rossi shapes space in new ways that

jarriegonAnd Philippe Jarrigeon puts a very vibrant smile on my face.  What a wit as well as an eye for execution!

Live with art…its so important for your whole sensory life!!!  xoxo Dana


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