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Mar 21, 2013 | Sensory Goodness

luscher color test

We all know how much I love color, color symbolism and color psychology, so today’s bit about color is a really big dive into the subject in a more personal way! Psychologist Max Luscher developed a personality test based on color to help uncover who a person really was at their core versus what they present to the world.  The test, LÜSCHER COLOR DIAGNOSTICS ®,  has been used by businesses, advertising agencies and personal development experts for years to reveal the emotional responses to color in individuals and how it relates to their needs, desires and overall personality.  As with all things, I say, take it with a grain of salt (especially since this is a free online version of an in-person test!) but I will share my results.  They really resonated with me & my color loves…! The idea of Luscher’s test is to understand where you might get tripped up by hidden stress, what might motivate you at your core and where your ideals and challenges lie .  I personally found for myself that I gained a few useful adjectives to describe feelings I have that I couldn’t put into words.  Again, its a fun, free & online quiz, but I still get so fascinated by color that I dove right in to see what colors I would uncover!

HERE is where I took the free little color quiz that takes a few minutes. Note: the colors are all rather beautiful in my mind so it was a challenge to select between them, but I did…. And here’s what mine said.

This is so true!  Even though I wasn’t thrilled about “unrelenting challenges” it is what makes me tick!  “Feels demands and challenges to be unrelenting. Wants to measure up to the challenges by calling up strong internal resources. Wants to overcome and master difficulties or obstacles that stand in the way of avowed goals…”

Um, this is totally me!  And possibly shines a light on why I am not married… yet… 🙂 “Wants to be totally immersed with intense enthusiasm and engaged communion in the beloved or a personal task and activity. Finds the beloved or a personal task to be what makes life worthwhile and its dominating force, bringing true contentment and fulfillment. But the expectation is that the partner will also bring unconditional and undivided attentiveness to the relationship. That is seen as an important prerequisite to a dependable and secure relationship.”

If you want to take the Luscher free, online version of his test as a quiz, check it out HERE and let me know how you feel about it!   Do the colors and explanations resonate with you? Realize anything cool? I’m so curious!!!  xoxo Dana


  1. Basia

    I took the test!!! I was really excited because i love colors, but I love a lot of colors so maybe that’s the reason why I somewhat agree with my end result. This is what it said.

    “Has no patience with the unsatisfying status quo and wants to do away with vexing problems and difficulties inherent in present situation. Seeks ceaselessly and hopefully for a way to satisfy keen desire for wider range of experience and the freedom to enjoy it. However, there is as yet no solution that would prove satisfactory in the long run, nor any consolidation such as could led to one.”

    I do have a problem with always wanting more, but i always thought one day i would be satisfied :(! Never the less this was fun :)! thank you!!

    • danaclaudat

      ahhh, take it again… I have had variations. i enjoy the overview…but theres no condemnation here! you can & will be satisfied….if you want to be! 😉

  2. Katie

    lol I had the exact same ones! Oh and my bright pink bedroom is now much more toned down! and oddly enough it’s cleaner than it normally is. I’ll send pictures when I am happy with it!It’s getting there. but my self made curtains turned out wonky looking!


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