Frozen Banana Blender Ice Cream!

Mar 24, 2013 | Food-Shui

blender ice cream

Its warming up, and its time to get the frozen desserts flowing with a honey pecan ice cream that will rock your world, and your blender.  I just ate a whole batch (!!!) and I wish I had more! 

My bananas are turning brown by Wednesday of every week as it heats up.  These speckled bananas are interesting, as reachers are finding that the substance that makes the brown spots on bananas actually can help fight abnormal cells in your body.  That’s pretty cool, right? I personally can only eat bananas with brown spots on my diet, as the browning process also helps make bananas much more digestible.  The issue with brown bananas: they go from speckled to rotten in a flash.  So, I started peeling and tossing them into a Tupperware sealed in the freezer. Then, they’s sort of hang out, frozen, and I would forget about them.

While there’s a machine you can buy that will turn your frozen bananas into soft serve ice cream called Yonanas, which is ultra-sleek, your blender will do the same!  Mind you, I’d skip this if your blender is on its last legs. But… if you have a sturdy-to-awesome blender, it should work fine!

Honey Peacan Blender Ice Cream

Add to a blender:

3 medium size frozen bananas

If you have a mega-blender: 1 cup of raw pecan pieces (can be cashews, peanuts, etc) will work great.

If you have a sturdy but not incredible blender: 1/2 cup  or so of of nut butter

one teaspoon vanilla extract (mine is the Bourbon Vanilla from Trader Joe’s) and about a cup of ice.

Now, this theoretically “should” work in a mega blender without liquid, but I add about 1/4-1/2 cup of ice cold water to the blender before hitting ON.

Shut of your blender if it is struggling and jigger things around.  You may need to let the bananas defrost just a touch.

In a Vitamix-type machine, you will see everything get slow inside and form 4 soft peaks.  Stop now or you’ll heat it up into a liquid.  If you do, add more ice and banana and very quickly process it back to ice cream.

In a sturdy blender of your choice, you will see things thickening up and perhaps peaking as well.

You can either scoop/pour the mix ino a freezer safe container and freeze for a 30 min-1 hour  or so  ( I recommend that…but not too long or it will be a rock!), or dump it into bowls immediately (which is what I do because I will eat it all in 5 minutes).

Drizzle a teaspoon of honey over the top of each serving.  It gets caramel-like against the freezing cold whipped yumminess!

Enjoy! xoxo Dana



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