Pastel As Neutral Decor

Mar 27, 2013 | Home Style

pastel living room

(coco cozy)

Pastel is an unsaturated version of any color, the lighter and sweeter version of a robust hue.  In color theory, pastel has a less emotional and more “intellectual” effect upon us.  So, your barely pink sheets, for instance, will be less profound in their fiery energy than your magenta silk pillows.  At home, using pastel with neutrals is a sophisticated, curated way to maintain a curated and calm visual scene that still has layers of visual interest and excitement.  In fact, pastel might open you up to a whole rainbow of subtle possibility! 

pastel etsy art

Pastel can bleed into deeper and grayer and richer tones that are still in the range of neutral and easy to integrate into your home without too dramatic a visual effect.  I’m loving this wall art from Etsy! 



Even pastel pink can be hard edged and very beige, but with far more personality. This room is adult and classic, though richly pastel.  Imagine that everything was beige or grey or white here.  Can you see how much it would lack?

pastel office


A little pastel in your office can un-blah the pin boards   Pastel is a good choice for the office of an organizer, a professional curator, planner, etc. There is a lot of metal energy in pastel, but the hue creates a separation from the mundane.

So, you absolutely can use pastel as a neutral.  A good tone is not too sweet and cloying…its earthy or a bit steely and ideally suited to make things more inviting, interesting and yet calm and visually clean.  Loving this.  Would you use pastel in your house? Do you?  xoxo Dana



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