You Are Where The Grass Is Greener!

Mar 27, 2013 | Uncategorized

grass is greener


It’s super easy to complain, and when you do, you’ll pick up lots of people who will agree with you, complain with you… and kinda spiral downward with you! Yep, there are people who are prettier, younger, richer and happier right now.  And there always will be.  Infinitely. Why waste your time wanting someone else’s  life, when you could really be learning to enjoy and flourish in your own!?! I’ve suffered from this syndrome for most of my life, so I am not blaming you, I just hope you don’t waste as much energy as I have!      xoxo Dana


  1. Theodora

    I am just SO FED UP with people who think that way!! enough already!! Great quote, thank you Dana!


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