Instagramming : Spring Renewal!

Mar 31, 2013 | Uncategorized


Ah, a week of things blooming and popping and springing! This week’s Instagram is all about a week of sites and sounds of energetic renewal! I mean, how awesome are these crystals?! Lots more on crystals on the blog coming soon!


Someone was not too thrilled about being in the bathtub, but he smelled like awesome oatmeal shampoo and was ultra white when it was over!


Flowers are blooming in Runyon Canyon! It was such an awesome site to see the first blooms of Spring.


Snuck a photo of an Oscar flanking the screening room at the Academy when I went to see Spring Breakers! OMG, I love Spring Breakers. Its definately not for everyone (its ultra violent, lewd, intense) but it really re-made a James Franco fan out of me. Wow. Did you see it?! Did you like it?!

I’m really digging the Spring vibe, even though its raining right now….and so much coming this week that I can not wait to see (great art, awesome homes!) Hit me up on Instagram HERE and I’ll follow you back to watch your life unfold in pictures! xoxo Dana


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