Overnight Success Is A Myth!

Mar 31, 2013 | Uncategorized

no great thing is created suddenly


Loving this typography from The Darling Tree, as well as its searing truth.  I’m pretty sure “get rich quick” schemes have existed since the beginning of time… but now, they are doubly intense because there are “get famous quick” schemes tagged on!  If you want to build something, build it…and commit to the road!  Yes, sometimes the building flows fast and sometimes it goes more slowly… but as long as it is growing, you are building it! The pressure to be an overnight success is sometimes so weird that pulls focus from the purpose of what is being built and makes things feel awful.  Stay calm. Stay focused. Make a stable foundation for the success & it will be a whole lot more enjoyable! If its worth doing, its worth committing to doing, even if it takes some time!  xoxo Dana


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