Wood & Neon Handmade Housewares

Apr 3, 2013 | Home Style

neon and wood bowl


(Wind and Willow on Etsy) 

In feng shui, wood is the creative element, neon is the dynamic and fiery version if any color and together wood and neon bring the imagination into action!  It’s no secret that I- along with millions of others- scour Etsy for gorgeous handmade and vintage.  Today’s little Etsy round-up was inspired by a typography poster I made this morning… popping neon colors on wood home goodies.  Yes, this is awesome!!!

neon love sign

(paperklip design on Etsy)

This sign reminds me of everything I love about neon, minus the blaring light.  What a joyous declaration, perfect for the foyer of your first apartment to magnetize the space, a nursery in a darker corner where no glitter can fall near the baby, a fabulous bit to liven up a wall of black & white photography…!

wood plates

(Nicole Porter Design on Etsy) 

While I might not eat off of these plates as a rule, imagine a cheese plate, a fantastic wall filled with them, or a special post-modern dinner! (These come with instructions as to safely using & washing them!)


(tree & laser on Etsy)

These may not all be neon, but they are fantastic, hold-in-your-hand blocks of art that remind me of kids toys.

neon wood planters

(Wind and Willow on Etsy)

Splendid, no? I find these mini planters so endearing; little spots of light light year-round holiday ornaments!

neon spoons

(Nicole Porter Design on Etsy) 

Having grown up with wooden spoons in my grandma’s kitchen, these are near and dear to my heart, but remixed modern.  Your average salad will be elevated with these serving spoons. A pegboard used to hang these on hooks will create a kitchen art installation.  How exciting!

Wood & neon are a perfect pairing.  Use a bit of the duo to take your decor to the next level in small ways that create resonant vibrations of happiness and motivation!  xoxo Dana


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