5 Fresh Ways To Do Spring Cleaning!

Apr 4, 2013 | Prosperity


(I love Yangyang Pan’s prints & paintings!) 

Spring is the season where the little seeds are planted and, with some help from an ideal environment, food, soil and light, they will sprout and then flourish in harvest later in the year.  The seeds of ideas, plans, wishes and projects are ready to be put into action in Spring and you can create the ideal space for them to flourish with a little Spring Cleaning!

yangyang pan art

(Yangyang Pan)

We all know about tossing old clothes and deep cleaning a house in Spring, so I thought it would be fun- and very helpful- to do a little more on the Spring Cleaning tip to help you create a more balanced and flowing environment this year!  By the way, you can do this any time of the year- not just Spring- when you are ready to take things in your life to the next level.  Ready?

5 Fresh Feng Shui Ways To Spring Clean & Organize

1. Digital detox. Clean out your computers and upgrade your technology.  Your digital photo libraries could use some organization, your programs, apps, your software may be due for an upgrade… or your hardware, too! Digital real estate is a real thing, so treat it like you would your own home.  The less clutter and  mess = the less stress!

2. Clear the air.  Simple one my friends, get more houseplants. They eat lots of the poisons in the air and even diffuse electromagnetic pollution, adding more chill vibes and oxygen to your space.  A bit of the  famed NASA list of the top 100 plants to clear the air can be found right HERE. 

3. Financial feng shui. Rich or poor, everyone needs to sit down and take a good look at their financial world. Money is a mega source of stress if not managed and flowing well.  If you have people manage your money, meet with them and get hands-on with how your money is working in the world.  If money is not flowing, dig deep into the spring cleaning and outflow as much as you can – from resumes to positive energy- to really bring in the new.  No matter where you are at, creating a sound financial picture is a very big part of a balanced life, and it does not have to be scary! Its empowering and fun if you approach it from that angle!

4. Your medicine chest & makeup cabinets.  I’ve posted before about the detox of your medicine cabinet, but looping it back in because its so important!  Not only is it a good idea to have a freshly stocked first aid kit on hand, make sure that you toss old makeup and cosmetics!  Allure has an awesome set of guidelines to check to see if your cosmetics have spoiled right HERE.  If you won’t eat spoiled food, you shouldn’t apply spoiled products to your body either, since your skin is an organ that absorbs things!

5. Structure your plans. I used to feel that if I created too many plans and too much structure that my work and my creativity would be squashed.  Guess what?  A a result of my need for ultimate freedom, I created too few plans and my life and artistic projects were confused and misdirected and stalled.  Just because you have structured  plans doesn’t mean that you won’t deviate and improvise and be spontaneous…it means that you have your energy flowing toward an objective.  Once you clear the decks in your Spring Clean this year, think about ways that you can create a structured plan for a big thing you want to achieve, and make that plan realistic and non-torturous so that you will want to do it!

This Spring Cleaning stuff is supposed to be refreshing and rejuvenating, not intense, overwhelming and punishing!  Creating space with fresh flow will help you to grow like those little seeds!

xoxo Dana

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  1. Trisha Toelstedt for Thos. Baker

    I have been so avoiding the digital detox that I know needs to happen! So I am committing to clearing my desktop of cluttered images starting now ~ thanks for the inspiration!

    • danaclaudat

      yay! I have a whole lot of digital detoxing to do, too!

  2. Magi

    I read your blog almost every day… it’s so inspiring. Sending some positive vibes all the way from India.


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